am i an expert?

if you ask me…
are you an expert on fashion photography?
the answer is simply..  NOT!!!
one thing for sure:
you shall not find overly sophisticated terms in this blog.
because, i am not an expert in this field.
more importantly,
fashion photography for me is about fun and enjoy to make it,
and i think it should be simply.
i use camera with canon brand.
i have so many times debated about switching to other brand like as leica, nikon, sonny or etc…
but i think they too expensive to me..
why i love this gear?
the reason is simply too… because its the first camera i have..
and i love the tone colour of canon camera so much.
i think canon is so crisp and soft.
and now,  i’m still so comfort with…
what’s in my camera bag?
i love to use the canon eos 5mk3 with her lens, ef 100mm f2.8 L and  ef 16-35 f2.8 L II.
for the lighting i use einstein E640, mini vagabond and
my favorite beautydisk, molla setti 28″
this blog is about my personal journey,
who i can always learning and sharing about photography.
which has unleashed my insanity.
You can drag and save an images and of course this is with your responsibility.
Thank you for visiting…. 
best regards,
handy wijaya soediro
mobile +6281 252 070809 | pin 54AC8445


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